Part 1 - Application - Important Information - Victoria

In order to make an application for this insurance online you need to read and understand Important information about this insurance. We recommend that you take time to read and understand the Product Disclosure Statement ( Workplace Tauma & Injury, Workplace/TAC Top-Up & Sickness Cover or Leisuretime Injury and Sickness Cover ), Financial Services Guide, Important Notices and Privacy Statement.

These important documents will outline to you.-
  * how the policy cover operates
  * the relationship of Marsh and the insurer with you and others
  * your obligations and responsibilities
  * how Marsh administers your personal information

This information is also detailed in the below Important Information Section

To confirm you have read and understood the above important notice, click "I Accept' to continue to the rest of your application.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Marsh Advantage Insurance Pty Ltd on 1300 766 104